We believe that impact comes from understanding, dialogue, and coaching leadership.
We will select the most suitable means for you to support impactful communications. We are your bold and reliable partner in change, public affairs, or rethinking your brand.

Tell us where you want to have an impact. We will tell you how.

Our Services

Corporate and brand communications

Public affairs

Change management


Communications build organisations, brands build business.

We believe in insight and fresh ideas, but equally in working in a long-term, systematic manner. We don’t want to resort to any circus tricks, but build impactful dialogue between our clients and their material stakeholder groups.

We bank on authentic actions to stir emotions and raise interest, and that is the stuff we want to talk about. We will crystallise your messages and your brand, bring you more visibility, help you cope with the pressures of change and exceptional conditions, provide you with extra pairs of hands when you have too much work, and help you engage your employees through communications and dialogue.

Public affairs is a dialogue, cementing loyalty.

By bringing your point of view to public debate, you can strengthen your company’s recognition, business, and relations to stakeholders. Understanding how society is changing makes it possible to be proactive and to influence at the right time.

We will challenge you to initiate new debates in society, locally and globally. We will help you deepen your understanding, map out your material stakeholder groups, and build and maintain relationships. We will work together with you to create new phenomena and help you extend your networks – possibly finding you surprising new partners.

Change your attitude in change

In change, the unknown breeds discomfort and fear – not knowing what the change will mean in practice. We also see possibilities in change. In addition to the visible, you should take into account the invisible. In any case, change always takes more time than we would want.

Navigating the course of change and keeping to it requires new thinking, new capabilities as well as continuous, conscious efforts. What feels hard alone, we make easier. In your work community, we create room for inspiring, open, and bold dialogue. Together with you, we will find the right means for effecting change in your organisation as smoothly as possible.

Better understanding makes change easier.

Sustainability – turning words into action

Genuine sustainability starts where complying with legal obligations ends.

Today, sustainability is no longer about companies telling how they sort their waste. Stakeholders expect less words and more actions, and companies must be active and react quickly to changes in their surroundings.

Our view is that sustainability has to visible in everything a company does, from manufacturing to the wellbeing of its work community. It guides all actions and strategical choices of the company.

We believe that companies can change the future. This is why, for us, sustainability is much more than doing what the law dictates. By sounding the operating environment and through real dialogue, we will help you find the path to sustainability that is right just for you.

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