Cocomms starts four-day working weeks

Yesterday, our employee cooperation negotiations ended. As their result, our employees start working four days a week after Easter. At the same time, we were forced to lay off a few employees.

We negotiated with the whole personnel and with each employee personally. As a leader, I found it incredibly moving how unanimously each and every one supported our company’s striving to pull through this ordeal. Our people were ready to have their benefits cut and also decrease their salary in a way that will not compromise the service to our clients.

Like so many other small companies, we are adapting our operations due to the Coronavirus situation. Almost four weeks now, we have worked with our clients from home, and for the most part, this has not had any problems. Some of our clients have been hit hard by the pandemic: they have frozen their budgets and cancelled or postponed projects. Some clients have become active again, after keeping a low profile for a few weeks, and continued work online, planning for the future. We have also had clients requiring special support in communications in the pandemic and change management.

We are living in a time that has no parallel in history. The depression of the early 1990s comes closest, but even then, there was no such threat to human life like now. It is impossible to predict what will happen and how we should act. We must improvise, rely on the facts, and above all, be brave.

So, we go on and serve you, our dear clients, without any interruptions. We will return to “normal” as soon as it is possible. Change is always scary, but it also provides new possibilities. This is what we believe, too.

Happy Easter to you all as well as health and safety for your loved ones!

Kaija Pohjala

Ps. If you want to discuss this further with me, please contact me directly either by e-mail or phone.

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