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At Cocomms, we have an energetic environment where everyone works together. This atmosphere resonates to our clients as well. Our unfaltering commitment to achieving results is based on our shared values of happiness, partnership and determination. We are top class professionals with easy senses of humor combined with the ability to take care of even the most difficult situations – this is why working with us always feels easy and natural.

Kaija Pohjala

CEO, Partner, M.Sc. (Comm.)

International business communication is Kaija’s calling. She graduated from Helsinki University with communications as her major over 20 years ago, and has worked with both domestic and international clients ever since in technology, finance, pharma, consumer goods, and public sector communications. Kaija coaches top management and helps leaders with various communication challenges. She is especially driven by hard issues to tackle: crisis and change situations. When not working, Kaija is passionate about various athletic hobbies where she can feel a breeze on her face, as well as the Finnish archipelago, France, ice swimming, reading, and great friends both at home and abroad.

+358 400 502 183

kaija.pohjala (at) cocomms.com

Aino Salo

Consultant, PA and CR

Aino has many years of experience in politics. She has served as a Special Advisor to the Minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen in the Ministry of the Environment and to the Second Deputy Speaker Paula Risikko in the Finnish Parliament. She has also held other positions in the Parliament. She knows the decision-making processes as well as the key decision-makers. Aino has expertise in corporate responsibility and environmental policy, as she has worked in the sector during her time in the Parliament and the Ministry of the Environment. In her free time, Aino dances competitively and jogs, when the weather if fine.

+358 50 306 9599

aino.salo (at) cocomms.com

Aleksi Peltonen

Media Assistant, Graphic Designer

Before joining Cocomms, Aleksi worked in graphic design for five years, both as an entrepreneur and in two advertising agencies, where he created graphic designs for print, display and web environments. Designing corporate identities, typography and branding are great examples of some of the areas that Aleksi is passionately interested and skilled in. Aleksi likes to spend his free time playing the drums and browsing vinyls at record stores.

+358 40 588 2104

aleksi.peltonen (at) cocomms.com

Anna-Mari Tiilikainen

Senior Advisor, Financial Communications & IR, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Financial and aviation communications, brand raising, media relations, M&As, IPOs and IR are the core of Anna-Mari’s expertise. Anna-Mari has nearly 10 years’ experience in the Finnish securities market as a derivatives dealer; 15 years of experience in corporate communications, IR and financial communications as a communications consultant and an IR manager. Anna-Mari spends her vacations in Côte d’Azur.

+358 50 558 0888

anna-mari.tiilikainen (at) cocomms.com

Anne Hänninen

Senior Communications Consultant, MA

Honing hard-to-get concepts into easy reading is Anne’s specialty. She has worked particularly with technology and finance corporations and also has extensive experience in change and media communication. In her leisure time she likes to relax, although brain teasers like Hanjie and Sudoku are also favorite distractions. Good food and drink are important as well.

+358 40 825 4620

anne.hanninen (at) cocomms.com

Annikka Koivu

PA and sustainability communications consultant, M.Sc. (Nutr.)

Annikka’s forte is health, nutrition, and food communications, campaign planning and implementation, and public affairs. Prior to joining Cocomms, she applied herself for ten years to lobbying and consumer communications from NGOs’ point of view. Several projects created and led by Annikka have won prizes over the years. In her leisure time, she can be found trail running, splashing in water, rowing, or at the gym, always ready for a bit of competition. And after that, you will find her at the dinner table eating something delicious.

+358 50 5895780

annikka.koivu (at) cocomms.com

Heini Nieminen

Communications planner, Bachelor of Culture and Arts

Heini has gathered versatile experience in the field of communications since 2007. Before Cocomms she worked as a journalist and publicist for MTV. Writing, videography, photography and the ever changing face of social media are close to her heart. In her spare time you can spot Heini rooting for her favourite hockey team, HIFK.

+358 44 351 5059

heini.nieminen (at) cocomms.com

Heli Koenkytö

Director, Campaigns and Technology, MA

Heli has a passionate interest in consumer goods and campaigns that genuinely move people. She enjoys challenging business environments, as well as the demanding world of reputation management. Heli has over 15 years of experience in communications, including nearly six year as the Communications Lead for Unilever Finland. Heli also has a background in ICT and another communications agency.

+358 400 715 069

heli.koenkyto (at) cocomms.com

Henri Mustonen

Art Director

Henri’s strongest suits are concept creation, visual image and coming up with new ideas; skills he has honed for over 15 years in the business. Before joining Cocomms, he worked for a long spell in another communications consultancy. Henri is motivated by creative problem solving and just about anything where he gets the opportunity to develop and take things forward. He gathers inspiration from travelling, cooking, and nature — often fishing by the water.

+ 358 41 5334016

henri.mustonen (at) cocomms.com

Jenni Hellstén

Consultant, Corporate Responsibility, MA

Jenni has several years of versatile communications experience both from communications agency and B2B companies, being well familiar also with stock exchange communications. During the past years, Jenni has focused particularly in corporate responsibility communications and reporting, in addition to financial and strategy communications. In her free time, Jenni enjoys yoga, cross-country skiing and fly fishing.

+358 50 5415466

jenni.hellsten (at) cocomms.com

Joni Svärd

Communications Consultant, MA

Joni specializes in consumer and product communications. Connected to the blogosphere and traditional media alike, Joni has six years’ experience in creating and recommending great campaigns as well as pointing out which ones might need some extra fine-tuning. This former car mechanic has in-depth knowledge of a surprising array of machinery.

+358 50 547 3258

joni.svard (at) cocomms.com

Kasper Stenbäck

Director, Digital and Marketing Communications, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Kasper and his team create digital and visual communications masterpieces from videos to marketing materials and from infographics to web concepts. Before Cocomms Kasper worked as COO and partner at Creative Agency Bolder Helsinki; focusing especially on web and social media concepts for various expert organizations. His free time is spent in different snow sports, golf greens, grilling and chilling at the summer cottage, or travelling somewhere far from home.

+358 40 744 0101

kasper.stenback (at) cocomms.com

Katariina Juvonen

Director, Corporate Communications, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Katariina’s versatile competence in communications is best showcased in strategic communications development, corporate transactions and different kinds of change situations. Prior to joining Cocomms she worked as a communications consultant, a communications officer for the chemical industry, and for the UN, stationed in Brussels. Katariina also holds a Diploma in Communications Management and in her leisure time she dances to hot rhythms and keeps her mind and body in flow with yoga.

+358 44 3394 043

katariina.juvonen (at) cocomms.com

Luke Bland

Digital Producer

Luke has worked with digital design and web development ever since the internet was created. He has worked for Cocomms since 2013. Before joining Cocomms, Luke worked as a freelancer in Helsinki for 9 years, with clients including the likes of Nokia, Live Nation, Yle and AmCham Finland. Visual design, creative concepts, digital design and usability, web design and development, as well as video production are all Luke’s areas of strength.

+358 45 1365922

luke.bland (at) cocomms.com

Marjo Kanerva

Communications Consultant, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Customer magazines and content creation for multiple channels as well as content marketing and content strategy make Marjo tick. Marjo has more than 15 years’ experience in communications, from Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Amer Sports, among others. Marjo is conscientious about her fitness regime and a very enthusiastic online shopper. She likes to kick back with ice swimming and sauna.

+358 40 556 4821

marjo.kanerva (at) cocomms.com

Mattias Hellström

Senior Advisor, Public Affairs, M.Soc.Sc.

Mattias specializes in Public Affairs, strategic communications and energy. Before joining Cocomms he worked in the Public Affairs department of Finland’s largest utility Fortum and for other Public Affairs and communications consultancies in Brussels and Helsinki. Mattias has always had a passion for team sports and plays ice hockey and floorball in his spare time.

+358 400 439 305

mattias.hellstrom (at) cocomms.com

Nea Aspiala

Communications Consultant, BBA

Nea has worked in communications consulting since 2008, especially for health & wellbeing, food industry and cosmetics. Her strongest areas of expertise include communications planning, media relations, healthcare communications, product communications and project management. In her spare time Nea travels, is a passionate chef and sports enthusiast and listens to a variety of music genres.

+358 50 550 3588

nea.aspiala (at) cocomms.com

Nina Jousenkylä

Employee Experience Consultant, MA

Workplace communication meets social media when Nina plans internal communication that calls for more presence and interaction. Nina has gained experience as a Communications Planner in a recruiting company, and as a host of a radio show. In her free time Nina is an avid consumer of blogs and cookbooks and fills up her Instagram with foodie shots, often photographed in Nina’s own kitchen.

+358 40 741 6482

nina.jousenkyla (at) cocomms.com

Sini Sarvanne

Communications Consultant, M.Soc.Sc

Sini has versatile experience in communications planning and consulting. Before joining Cocomms, Sini has worked as a communications consultant with clients from different fields of business and she is familiar with the communications challenges of various industries including health, food and beverage, and insurance. Multichannel and personal consumer communications and making the most of social media are her special areas of expertise. What Sini loves about her work is the fact that with good communications you can make sense of complex subjects. She spends her leisure time exercising and singing. Sini is the lead soprano of the Philomela choir, so with her things end on a high note.

+358 50 540 7939

sini.sarvanne (at) cocomms.com

Vesa Valonen

Senior Advisor, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Vesa has vigorous insight on corporate communications, all the way from international giants to start ups; from strategy development to fast paced action. He is experienced especially in the various quirks of technology business, building new concepts and media communications. Vesa’s interest is piqued by goals and stories.

+358 40 705 4262

vesa.valonen (at) cocomms.com

In addition, our team includes Tiina Bodonyi.