VAASAN — comprehensive communications support from one place

When your own resources are limited, a communication company brings helping hands and fresh outsider perspective on familiar issues.


VAASAN’s communication resources are small and thus the company has outsourced many communication functions. Cocomms works in close cooperation with VAASAN in many communication areas from creating a communication strategy to carrying out corporate, strategy and crisis communication.


We benchmark VAASAN’s industry and rapidly react to possibilities and threats. We build media relationships and arrange meetings with journalists. We have supported VAASAN’s opinion leadership by for example arranging events for customers and experts.


In addition, Cocomms has revamped VAASAN’s stakeholder magazines, which we produce from start to finish. Cocomms has also produced VAASAN’s annual report.


Continuous cooperation works in an agile way to meet VAASAN’s needs. Cocomms’ team provides VAASANs with a broad range of competence, which is put to use in various kinds of communication situations – getting into gear and starting action is smooth and easy, because so many professionals at Cocomms know VAASAN and its contact people so well.