Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

At Cocomms, we recognize the symptoms and find the right cure for any pharma and healthcare communications malady.


In healthcare, resources are continuously becoming more limited, meaning that experts have less and less time for preventive work, and health advice. Individuals are taking progressively more responsibility for their own health and the need for reliable healthcare information grows.


New communications channels allow anyone to search for information on health, the medication and care of different illnesses. The rapid progress of the healthcare field and the knowledgeability of patients create a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare experts and patient organizations to stay a step ahead. The clear and understandable communication of innovations and clinical practices are a critical part of healthcare communication.


The field’s highly regulated and monitored operational environment is also a challenge. We know this field like the back of our hand.


We help pharma and healthcare customers navigate in a regulated world of communication and support dialogues with different target groups from decicion makers in healthcare policy to doctors and patients.