Consumer products

Mere advertisement is no longer enough; your product needs communication to succeed as well – visibility in the media, interaction with the consumers, recommendations. We have the market knowledge and methods, with which a story is crafted out of a brand.


We create and support your desired brand image with media relations, events, and lobbying. We take your product or service to the limelight and support your business goals.


We are meticulous in our planning and in carrying out communication — be it a press release, product launch or a meeting with a power player or a journalist. We don’t guess, we research and analyze information to back up procedures, and we utilize our international partners’ competence.


We make sure possible product crises are kept under control and help take care of things in a manner that ensures everything is up for public scrutiny.


When you want to let the media and social media speak for your product, corporation or cause, Cocomms is the expert partner you want to have.