SKAGEN Funds – the Vikings come ashore to Finland

Cocomms helps to build the brand and media relations of SKAGEN Funds in Finland.

SKAGEN is the biggest Norwegian and one of the biggest fund companies in the Nordics. Cocomms’ task is to support SKAGEN’s business and growth in Finland with the help of communications. Cocomms has paired up SKAGEN experts and Finnish media and invited journalists to SKAGEN’s investment events. For instance, in the beginning of 2014 the keynote of SKAGEN New Year’s Conference, Nobelist Paul Krugman raised a societal discussion in Finland with his statements. Media also appreciated the market reviews and comments by SKAGEN.

In addition to media relations, Cocomms supports SKAGEN in producing Finnish materials. Cocomms also acts as SKAGEN’s eyes and ears in the Finnish markets. It is equally important to help the client communicate as to keep them aware of relevant happenings in Finland.