Stakeholder magazines

A magazine remains a great way to enhance the level of commitment that important groups feel toward your company. At its best, it serves the needs of the publisher and readers alike, and creates a sense of cohesion.


Successful customer, personnel or stakeholder magazines offer readers useful and entertaining content, while simultaneously giving the publisher a chance to be heard and share their point of view.


When a magazine has a well thought out concept, it is possible to combine the aspirations of the publisher and readers.


A concept is like a map, which guides idea choices and approaches for articles. A concept takes into consideration different kinds of readers. It gives the magazine a backbone and a feeling of familiarity, which builds reader commitment.


Today, a customer magazine need not necessarily be published in print. Content lives in many channels and smoothly utilizes social media and blogs.


We help you in the entire process of creating a magazine, from concept planning to practice. Together, we can make exactly the right kind of publication for you.