Crisis communications

When a crisis hits, situations change within seconds. You need to make decisions and act on the run. How prepared is your organization to communicate in a crisis?


Far too often organizations face a rude awakening only when crisis hits. The situation is unfair, totally unexpected and top management bewildered. In a state of panic everything is forbidden and others blamed. In worst case scenarios organizations try to hide from publicity.


We help your company survive the crisis. After the crisis is over, we update your crisis communication plan and offer crisis drills to prepare you for the future. Together with your top management and communications professionals, we decide on company spokespeople, communication chains, main messages, tools and channels, as well as general procedures that your company should follow in a crisis. We offer your spokespeople a chance to practice answering difficult questions on camera, helped out by a journalist.


The effectiveness of your crisis communication plan can be tested by simulating a crisis as a realistic surprise. Only practice makes perfect.


No company can rely on good luck alone. Crisis communication requires calm, composed, reliable, unfaltering and thick-skinned professionals, who have nerves of steel.