Cisco became a thought leader in Finland and the Baltics

Increasingly, information technology is near inseparable from most all human activity. Cisco is at the heart of this development: its goal is to be the number one IT company in the world, the industry pace setting opinion leader, and the most important company in networks and networking.


Cisco and Cocomms started cooperation at full speed towards the end of 2012: simultaneous projects were launched where Cocomms helped Cisco create a local communication strategy and processes for communication teams in Finland and the Baltic states.


To begin with, Cocomms determined key communication issues directly linked to Cisco’s business, set up quality measures and planned communications actions accordingly.


We brought Cisco’s Baltic State communications teams into the heart of the action in all communication and took charge of coordinating Cisco’s communication actions in practice throughout the Baltic states. Additionally, Cocomms provided media training for Cisco’s country leaders in the Baltics and made social media into a more integral part of communication.


With systematic result follow up, measurement and analytics, we help guide communication and focus actions according to business needs.