International and Finnish partners

Cocomms is Finland’s largest and most international independent communications agency. In addition to working with our global partners, we interact daily with several Nordic offices. Approximately two thirds of our clients are international corporations, which we support in Finland and abroad.


Our networks offer us the latest research results and internationally tested best practices that we utilize in our customer work to create more value for our clients.

Networks around the globe

Cocomms is a part of FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications Affiliate Network. FTI Consulting, Inc. is a global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance enterprise value in an increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environment.



Cocomms is Ketchum’s partner in Finland. Ketchum is one of the world’s largest international communications firms and Europe’s largest communications consultancy, with which Cocomms has cooperated since 2007.

Cocomms is a partner of PROI, a global partnership of integrated independent communications firms serving clients around the world.

We are also members of the Interel Global Partnership – a network of independent public affairs consultancies with offices in 46 countries around the world.

A talent pool of friends in Finland

Cocomms continuously cooperates with numerous Finnish professionals in customer projects. If you are, for example, a talented graphic designer, digital content creator or video producer, contact us! We regularly need different kind of varied talent to support our own competence.

Leadership coaching during transformations

Our founder Kaija Pohjala mentors and coaches leaders, leadership teams and groups facing challenging changes and transformations in their organisations. She is a certified coach for individuals, groups and teams and also a Global Leadership Profile (GLP) coach authorized by Action Inquiry Associates. She carries out GLP Surveys that examine action logics of single leaders or leadership teams. More at


Our expert partners

Barbara Malmström, MA (Education), Managing Director of Nova Spectra Ab

David Stoneham, M.Sc.Econ, Managing Director of Communicado DJS Oy

Corporate responsibility

Cocomms is committed to abide by ProCom’s ethical guideline, which is built upon the international Code of Athens (1965) and Code of Lisbon (1978). Cocomms is a member of corporate responsibility network FIBS.