Kaija Pohjala becomes Cocomms’ CEO again

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Kaija Pohjala, the main owner of Cocomms communications agency and Chairman of its Board of Directors, returns to the post of CEO on the 1st of July 2017. The current CEO Johanna Markkanen will continue as Executive Vice President, operative director and strategic partner to our clients.


Kaija Pohjala will start implementing Cocomms’ recently honed strategy of supporting clients in change and generating dialogues that will increase understanding in the changing world.


”The market is extremely dynamic right now: the economy is on the rise, clients are moving, and the competition changing. I need to give my contribution to this company and ensure, for my part, that we have a clear direction and strong strategy, that we all have our own place, and that working here is really cool. We will make Cocomms into a company that we all can be even prouder of and that clients are happy to recommend.”


“I took a couple of years sabbatical and study leave after 20 years of entrepreneurship. I studied leadership, transformation, and coaching. Now I am full of energy and new ideas, and it feels good to get back into the thick of things, driving our business and supporting clients,” says Kaija Pohjala.


The company got a new Board of Directors at the beginning of June, supporting Cocomms’ new strategy. As Pohjala becomes the CEO, the Board will be chaired by Jarmo Kuusivuori.



Further information:

Kaija Pohjala, tel. +358 400 502 183, kaija.pohjala@cocomms.com


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