Johanna Markkanen becomes CEO of Cocomms Ltd

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Cocomms, one of the largest communications consultancies in Finland, has appointed Johanna Markkanen, M.Sc. (Econ.), as the new Chief Executive Officer, starting from the 1st of January 2016. Kaija Pohjala, M.Sc. (Comm.), the current CEO and owner of the company, becomes the chairman of the board and strategical advisor at Cocomms.


Johanna Markkanen takes on this new post previously having been the Executive Vice President of Cocomms and before that the head of the healthcare communications team. She has been in Cocomms’ employ for 6 ½ years.


”Johanna has extensive experience in developing customer relationships in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as well as IT and consumer product sectors. She has been in charge of the finances and administration of the company for a long time now, and is an excellent choice to steer Cocomms’ development and growth in the coming years,” says Kaija Pohjala.


Kaija Pohjala will focus on developing the company’s strategy and on strategical consulting of clients. Moreover, she will support clients in their transformational leadership needs as well as in crisis and change communications. Transformations refer to fundamental changes taking the whole culture of the organisation into a new direction.


”The world is changing at an extremely fast pace, and many companies need to reassess their ability to thrive in the future. Long-term strategies, plans and visions do not carry any more; instead you need agility and daring to change direction and try something new. The boldest and swiftest companies can turn possibilities in their changing business landscape into success,” says Johanna Markkanen.


”We support our clients in coping with change through efficient communications. We help them to understand their operating environment, develop their business and enter into a dialogue with known and even surprising parties. The principles and practices of communication have changed: any one of us can be a channel or a medium. This opens up new possibilities for personal communication and interaction with different stakeholder groups.”


Cocomms is renewing its strategy and vision to better correspond with the changing needs of its clients. The current communications offering is developed further; special attention will be paid to digital services as well as analytics, customer and employee experiences and transformational leadership.


Cocomms aims at being the highest-quality communications partner for its clients in selected sectors and services in Finland as well as the Finnish communications specialist most often employed by international clients.


Further information:

Kaija Pohjala, Cocomms Oy, tel. +358 400 502 183,
Johanna Markkanen, Cocomms Oy, tel. +358 50 465 4675,


Cocomms Ltd is a full-service communications consultancy specialising in demanding businesses and situations, with excellent global networks. We provide support to our technology, finance, healthcare and consumer business clients with strategic development and implementation of their communications and in change and crisis situations. Our clients include the likes of Airbus, BlackRock, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cisco, City of Espoo, Fujitsu, IBM, McDonald’s, Netflix, Novartis, Standard Life Investments, Vaasan and Ålandsbanken. Cocomms’ turnover was 3.4 million euros in 2014 and it has 35 employees. Further information

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