A promise is a promise

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Customers are given all kinds of promises. There are slogans like “designed for you”, “the ultimate driving experience”, and “to inspire moments of optimism and uplift”*. These promises also induce associations and expectations of products, services and encounters.


Customer promises and slogans can at their best support the company’s business and attract customers to stay with the company.


But what happens when things go wrong? Big time. As in the case of Volkswagen, for instance. Das Auto. Kaputt.


11 million cars sold to customers worldwide with empty promises. The devices circumventing emission tests have misled everyone. Customers are confounded and even furious.


The brand and customer promise of Volkswagen were not built overnight and has not come cheap. We can only wait and see whether Volkswagen survives this crisis. Rebuilding trust is not an easy job — it can take years.


Breaking a customer promise doesn’t always have to happen on such a large scale as with Volkswagen. Customer encounters take place every day. A company should be able to serve their customers in a consistently excellent fashion in every encounter, time after time.


These encounters and succeeding in them is extremely important for the bottom line of most companies. It is essential that customers meet an expert that is motivated, excited about his/her work and considers the customer’s needs carefully.


Let’s make sure that both you and I keep our promises in our work. Nothing annoys more and affects the company’s result like empty promises.


* Finnair, BMW, Coca-Cola

AUTHOR - Outi Mäkäräinen